I provide freelance writing, editing & strategic communications services.

I am a writer and communications specialist by trade; an encourager and soulful thinker by nature.

You are smart, heartfelt, driven, and ready-for-something greater. 

Whether you’re an expert or a novice in your field, you feel overwhelmed by “all that other stuff”.  The mere thought of writing regular blog posts, editing content, creating templates, growing a social media presence, and designing your ‘brand’ is enough to make you want to quit before you get started. I get it.

I’m here to help you effectively articulate your personal brand &/or business in a way that feels authentic, fresh & deeply connected to the ‘why’ behind what you do.

 If you’re a creativepreneur, small business owner or part of a larger organization, and the above description sounds like you, check out my services pageTogether, we’ll turn those dreams into plans and get you back to doing whatever it is you do best – & love most!

I also write about all things mind, body, heart & soul.

Have you ever felt like you were ‘here’, wondering how in the world to get ‘there’? As if your dreams were being sabotaged by a distant, foggy horizon; leaving you unable to fully see what’s next? Yea, me too.

It’s funny how so many of us think we’re alone in all the day-to-day details of navigating our faith, health, relationships, finances, work, and career direction. 

We drown out our core feelings, with ceaseless doing; neglecting the biggest sources of truth we’ve got – God’s word & our intuition. We operate as if the different facets of ourselves were distinct, when in reality, they’re inextricably connected.

You’ll find that most of my writing intends to share a personal story with a universal message. My hope is that you’ll relate to, be inspired by, or encouraged by it all, too.

We are the dreamers, seekers & goal-getters; intent on living our whole lives, on purpose.


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