A Few Favorite Holiday Gifts (Link Round-up)

A Few Favorite Holiday Gifts (Link Round-up)

I’ve just about given up on shopping in-store and now resort to doing a lot of my Christmas shopping online. With my little pup, Dodger, at my feet, of course. Can you blame me?

Some of my favorite Christmas gifts to give (and receive) are things like cozy slippers, seasonal candles, shoes, accessories like scarves, vests, hats; bags, or jewelry.

I did a quick round-up of some things I’m loving right now from a few major retailers:


1. 2018 Planner & Metropolis Clutch by Stil Classics
2. Powersheets by Cultivate What Matters
4. Mugs, etc. by Chalkfull of Love
5. African Mudcloth throw pillows like this one
6. Jewelry by James Michelle
7. Books like this one

Tell me, tell me – what’s on your wish this year?

x, Kaitlyn


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