A World Away in a Weekend (OBX, NC)

A World Away in a Weekend (OBX, NC)

As a newlywed, I’ve realized that I’ve become quite the homebody. I enjoy being at home, not making plans, cooking dinner, low-key nights reading or watching favorite shows with the hubby – you get the jist.

And, I’m definitely the type of person who craves novelty, new experiences and needs some new scenery from time to time.

We’re making it a goal to get ‘away’ once a month – even if it’s somewhere within an hour. Somewhere that actually makes us forget about our work, our home, and yet – appreciate our lives all the more.

I think God every day for two people in my life who inspire this rare combination of contentment and adventure – my husband and my little sister.

Considering the brave and adventurous youngest child that she is, she’s been living in the Outer Banks (NC) for the summer, so visiting her also happened to give us the perfect mini-getaway.

We packed up on Friday afternoon and hopped in the car. Side note: There’s something that just feels so right about packing with a backpack, and not a suitcase. Although, we’re talking about an overnight stay here…(ha!) I’m working on the whole minimalism thing.

Neither the hubby or sister are really planners, which always makes me cringe and want to control at first, but it’s also part of what allows me to reach a new level of r&r because I know no-one is chomping at the bit to get here or there.

We arrived to my sister’s (and her roommates’) super cool house in Kitty Hawk and were greeted with hugs and a tour of their place. How cool is this little patio turned art studio outside of her bedroom!? Her roommate and best friend is an artist (check out Killer Art) – where she sells some really unique beach-inspired pieces.

We rode bikes to dinner, although fun fact, I’m the worst bike rider ever. There were no street lights in their neighborhood along the way so it was completely pitch black. I don’t remember the last time I saw the stars shine so bright like that. Living near the Boardwalk in VB, we don’t get much of a vantage point for stargazing. We played cards, watched dive videos of her friends in Indonesia, talked about their upcoming travels, drank too much beer/wine, and debated all sorts of crazy topics until the wee hours of the morning.

I love how getting out of routine always grants new perspectives; a new appreciation for life & living.

The next day entailed brunch, visiting my sister at work, and heading out to Avalon Pier to see how the impending hurricane (Maria) had started to toss the surf.

I love ^this picture of my husband, although he might kill me for it. And he wasn’t even modeling. 😏

She also took us by the cutest little shop/cafe – Mom’s Sweet Shop which sells everything from clothes to candies to vegan cupcakes to a full-service coffee & smoothie bar.

I only snagged a bite of her’s, but the acai bowls were amazing! Definitely check it out if you find yourself around Kitty Hawk – you’d never guess it from the outside and look how fun it is!

A weekend often feels too short to really take any sort of a trip. But the time will pass anyway – whether you’re on the couch or in the car, and it’s about making the most of it. If I’ve learned anything from my parents who would literally drive 18+ hours over a weekend to see one of their daughter’s college field hockey games, you will always have time for what you make time for.

Sometimes one night is all you need to shake things up, get into a new conversation, and gain a better understanding of both others – and yourself.

Do you travel on the weekends? Where should we go next?

x, Kaitlyn



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