A Cultivation Project: Morning Routines (Month 2 – February)

A Cultivation Project: Morning Routines (Month 2 – February)

MONTH TWO // February 2018

THE MIRACLE MORNING CHALLENGE – (Cultivating a Morning Routine)

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For the 2nd month of these challenges, I’ve decided to take-on cultivating a morning routine.

I’ll be starting a new job that will require me to be up, dressed, and out the door each day much earlier. By now, I know myself well enough to know that multiple mornings of snoozing, scrambling, and rushing to get out the door will not benefit my anxiety-prone self.

In order to maximize the day, I know it’s time to set a morning routine and stick to it!

To inspire and guide my morning routine setting, I’ve outlined some guidelines and of course, books to read, below!


The Guidelines

What: Create & complete a daily morning routine before any sort of professional work. 

Why: To embrace a “first things first” mentality – my faith, my health, and my overall well-being by doing what matters most bright ‘n early. This will also serve to be a “quick win” each day and keep me on a schedule that allows me to be my best and brightest upon starting the workday. 

Prep Tip(s): Order + start reading some of the books below, sketch out the things that are important to you and attempt to arrange them into a 1-2 hour morning routine. Create a space for any books, bibles, journals, etc. and/or layout your gym clothes! Figure out how to set a timer on your coffee pot and fill it each night before you go to bed. Eliminate clutter or things that currently get in the way of actually doing what’s important to you. Talk to your roommates or spouse and share with them your goals so they can support your new crack of dawn efforts!

Books to Read:

*I’ve stared the two I plan to read and listed others in the case I have time for more, or in case you’ve already read the two I first mentioned! 

Note: Don’t worry – weekends don’t count! Take a break, sleep in, savor a heartier breakfast, or enjoy an afternoon workout. Add in some fun with loved ones – the sky’s the limit. You’ll have earned it!


I’m super excited about this monthly challenge because, by nature, it’s also going to force me to do things like: move more, write more, read more, spend more time with God –  the kind of “more” that I can actually get down with.


A Cultivation Project: Monthly Challenges - kaitlynhiltz.com

I debated between sharing with you my proposed morning routine, but if it helps you, why not!

Subject to change, of course, as I get more insight and actually start implementing it, but for now – here’s what I’m thinking:

My Sample/Proposed Morning Routine:

5:20am – Wake-up

5:30-6:30 Move (gym or workout at home) – (MWF – gym; TuTh – stretch/foam roll, etc.)

6:30-7:00 Over Coffee: Journal/Write, Read, Bible, Prayer

7:00am-8:20am Shower & Get Ready; Breakfast; Pack Lunch; Chat w Hubby

8:20am Leave for the office

9am-9:20am Arrive at the Office: Scheduling and Prioritizing (Before Diving into the Day!)

A Cultivation Project - Morning Routine (Month 2 - February) - kaitlynhiltz.com

Arbonne Healthy Living Challenge

AND…as if a new morning routine and a new job weren’t enough, I’m also planning to do my second “Healthy Living Challenge” with Arbonne starting on February 5th. Remember when I did it last year?

I had incredible results with it, and although there were lots of sacrifices, it was well worth it. Lately, I’ve been feeling sluggish, stiff, foggy, and plenty other symptoms of toxic build-up so I not only know but can FEEL that it’s time to detox.

If you’re feeling the same way, I’d love for you to join me. Shoot me an email to connect@kaitlynhiltz.com and I’ll help get you all set-up on a clean eating challenge of your own! To browse some of the nutrition products and get a better idea of what it is, you can shop here &/or watch this video. It’s simply the best & most healthful detox I know of!


Eeeek, big goals this month, but definitely needed.

So, will you join me?

I’ll try to share some updates along the way, and I’d always love to hear from you – in the comments below, on Instagram, or send me a message!

Lastly, the official hashtags I’ll be using are #cultivationproject, #miraclemorningchallenge, and #arbonnedetox.

x, Kaitlyn


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