June Design Freebie

Pineapple Good Vibes Wallpaper

Pineapple & palms seem to be the theme for everything I do recently. So it only felt fitting to work it into June’s design freebie (and yes, I may have missed quite a few months!) Download below, save to your phone, and upload to your lock or home screen wallpaper. Enjoy! #goodvibesonly

December Design Freebie - Desktop Wallpaper


Because sometimes we all need a little reminder to believe in our own inner, creative genius. Stay in your lane & you do you. You’ve got what it takes.

Pro tip: On Macs, go to the “Apple” icon in the top left corner > System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > select the image from your saved files > check “Stretch to Fit to Screen” from the drop down. All set!

November Design Freebie - Desktop Wallpaper


Anyone else constantly saving & screenshot-ing files to their desktop while working? A wallpaper like this is great for organizing everything for quick reference, until you file or move it! Download this signature kvh. creative co. background design below!

Pro tip: On Macs, go to the “Apple” icon in the top left corner > System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > select the image from your saved files > check “Stretch to Fit to Screen” from the drop down. All set!

Start-Up Planning Worksheet

start-up planning worksheet

This is a resource I’ve been using currently, so I figured it might come in handy for you, too! There are million different software programs, platforms, and channels out there, but you definitely don’t need all of them (obviously). This resource helps narrow your focus and ensure your bases are covered from an email marketing provider to a website hosting company to a brand photographer! It’ll have you feeling systematized, confident and sane (!) in no time.

Goal-Getting Sheets


Over the years, I’ve grown to be very fond goal-setting getting. I’ve learned the importance of looking far into the future, and then backtracking to the present. Looking ahead and declaring what we want speaks life and possibility over our circumstances, exercises our faith, and gives God (and us) room to work! That’s why here you’ll find my one, five, and ten-year goal-getting sheets; covering professional, personal, and physical (health) goals.

Strategic Communications Toolkit


I would have killed for this resource years ago. It would have saved me so much time from clicking around Pinterest, reading reviews & endless articles, creating trial accounts, & all-around having mess-ups. This is a solid, simplified list of my favorite, borderline-can’t-live-without communications, social media, & marketing tools. They’re best for the start-up bloggers, content creators, & entrepreneurs [on a budget!]. Many of them are fo’ free because why spend a buck where you don’t need to?! NOTE: As this document is constantly being edited, it is viewable here as a Google Doc. Want a PDF copy or to dig deeper, learn more, or get specific training in one of these areas? Get in touch and we’ll set something up!

99 Instagram Hashtags


No lie, I love a good hashtag. Looking to connect with like-minded accounts? Hoping to get your message and mission out there? In an over-abundant world of information, hashtags help get your content in front of the right community. In this resource, I’ve compiled a list of 99 of my favorites. Subscribe to receive a copy straight to your inbox. Need a mini lesson on what the heck a hashtag is, why, and when to use them? Get in touch and we’ll set something up!

Daily Devo Sheets


3-days worth of templates for helping you structure & deepen your time in the word. Subscribe below to get them delivered straight to your inbox!

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