Finding Fulfillment from the Tree of Life

Finding Fulfillment from the Tree of Life

It has been one of the craziest seasons I’ve encountered in a long, long time. (Maybe you can relate?) And by ‘season’ I mean year…err…two years? But, really, how long is a ‘season’ anyway?

Well – honestly, it’s long as it takes for the weather to change. And more often than not, the whole of faith is faith in God’s timing.

I’ve often had to repeat to myself:

in His time.
in His time.
in His time.

I’ll write it out on scratch paper, I’ve set it as my phone background, I’ll search for verses on God’s faithfulness and I’ve stormed heaven with prayers of peace, patience, and personal grace.

Because how many things in our personal and professional lives do we want to happen like. right. now? (Or let’s be real – like YESTERDAY.)

Waiting hurts! I’m convinced it’s one of the hardest parts of being human. It’s ripe for being cascaded with lies of fear, hopelessness, discouragement, despair, anxiousness, and dread in our present day-to-day.

Even the Bible agrees – hope deferred makes the heart sick [Proverbs 13:12]…

AND–the second half of that verse reads:

…A longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Whoa. What a beautiful image. (I prefer to picture a palm tree, #justsayin.)

We can’t always fulfill our longings though, can we? So how the heck are we supposed to cope??

We learn to change what we’re longing after. 

Not so much the end goal, or the great aspiration – heck no! I believe many of our pursuits are noble and God-given desires. We simply can’t afford to neglect those pulls in life.

But the focus has to change. The source has to change. The need for ‘arrival’ has to change.

Otherwise, we’ll always live circumstantial lives of longing and not fulfillment.

We have to keep doing the action without attaching it to the outcome.

Action is an invitation for God to show up and make way for more. It’s how almost every Biblical story of increase, obedience, and multiplication started. Someone, somewhere surrendered themselves to the process.

They not only said, “I can”, but proclaimed “I will” (Psalm 57:7, Psalm 108:1, Psalm 104:33, etc.).

Fulfillment lives in the unknown, the not yet, the in between. The honest truth of the matter is, we are ‘here’. We don’t get to start living when we get ‘there’. And it’s 100% easier said than done.

Yet, the arrival never just spontaneously comes. It grows from right in our midst each and every day. It’s about trusting that something is always evolving. 

There might a lot of Amazon Prime in our lives, but our lives are not at all like the all-access, two-day turnaround time it provides. A heart will always be sick when it hopes after what is quick, convenient, and temporary rather than what is steadfast, meaningful, and eternal.

If the hope is in the thing and not the creator, the tree of life is cut off.
It withers. It fades. It suffocates.

But have you ever noticed what happens to a deeply rooted palm tree in a heavy wind storm? It bends but almost never breaks. Not only does it not break, it’s actually strengthened, as its roots stretch and grow even deeper.

On the surface, even in a season rich with blessing and prosperity, we can overthink ourselves into disbelief by running on fumes of fear, rather than the all-encompassing fuel of perfect love.

(FEAR, I’m learning, also comes in a great many disguises. Beware.)

SO – if your business isn’t where you thought it would be by now,
if finishing school has become harder than you ever imagined,
if the test result isn’t what you’d hoped for,
if the time or money (or both) aren’t there,
if your relationship is deflated,
if singleness is about to kill you,

…I’ve got three words for us all:

in His time.
in His time.
in His time. 

Do you believe God is on your side? Are you on your side?

Dig deep. Keep doing the work. Your tree of life is always closer than you think.

With love & a grateful heart,

x Kaitlyn


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