Goal-getting + a #CreativeandCaffeinated Giveaway

We’re officially two months into 2017. That statement may either make you anxious at the thought of how ‘behind’ you are on your goals already or it might make you feel a sense of accomplishment and hope for the next ten months.

Regardless of which camp you’re sitting in, I’ve teamed up with my girls, Ally of That First Year and Emily of Her Story Goes, to bring you some of our favorite products for staying focused and enjoying the goal-getting process as part of the “Creative & Caffeinated” giveaway on Instagram.

Before I dive into the giveaway goodies and the rest of the list, I also wanted to share some game-changing thoughts with you from the one and only Caroline Kelso, of Made Vibrant. She talks a lot about making the shift from being achievement-ridden to becoming alignment-focused.

As in, looking at your goals and aspirations from an angle that better aligns you with your core, inner values; rather than constantly trying to hit some mark on the success ladder.

Put another way, it’s consciously choosing to lead with your ‘why’ rather than your ‘what’.

Looking at our goals this way, we leave room for purpose to grow and expand within our hearts and sustain the energy we need to complete the menial tasks on the journey because we remember the bigger picture. We remember what makes it all worth it.

What is that “why” for you?

Satisfaction will start to come from a sense of feeling in touch with our creativity and personal mission versus constantly doing task after task so we can say we checked the box.

As Caroline shares,

“One of the most profound shifts I’ve made is changing my definition of success from being achievement-based to being alignment-based.” @ckelso

So maybe we need to set less time-centric goals and more heart-centric ones that carry us long past the “artificial finish line” that she mentions.

Take this giveaway for example – the core purpose isn’t for the sake of having something to post or pushing some cool product or service. It’s offering something of value that inspires action, connects new people in new ways, cultivates a unifying community, and continues to deliver a relational experience that goes beyond the scope of the 4-day giveaway.

I mean, huge difference, right?

So that goal you see ahead of you at the end of a very short road? That is not your finish line. That is a mile marker on your much longer, much richer, much fuller journey.

How do you see it all aligning? How are you planning for sustainability?


So, here are some of my action-inducing, daily must-have products to help you plan and set goals for the long-haul.

  1. May Designs Notebook* [Artsy, lightweight, bright & simple enough for holding your best (and worst!) ideas.]
  2. U Brands Pens* [Felt-tip, super-smooth, marker-like pen that doesn’t bleed through your precious planner pages!]
  3. Anthropologie Coffee/Tea Mug* [Um, because what’s a goal-getting sesh without a pretty cuppa coffee or tea?]
  4. Nourished Planner [A well-nourished life takes into account mind, body, spirit and soul. I love that this planner finds a way to account for it all without feeling limiting or overwhelming!]
  5. Wunderlist [Hands down the best digital list-tracking app I’ve found for getting things done on the fly or on your desktop.]
  6. Boomerang for Gmail [Send it now, send it later. Read it now, have it remind you later. It’s like having a Virtual Assistant, without the overhead!]
  7. Arbonne Protein Powders &/or Fizz Sticks [Clean, whole food nutrients to power your brain and pick you up when you need a sustained boost.]

*included in the #creativeandcaffeinated giveaway on Instagram

Don’t miss your chance to enter the giveaway and win some of these items for yourself!

Check out all the details and enter here.

Thanks for joining in and good luck!


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