God-Prints & Unfinished Sentences

God-Prints & Unfinished Sentences

I used to feel like I could run until someone said stop. While, at the same time, I felt like God was guiding every lift of the foot, keeping my lungs calm, and my breath fluid. My mind was clear, not frantic, and able to process whatever he wanted to download to me. Whether for my own heart, or another’s. (Usually both.)

Yet, somehow, I’ve spent the last year and some change with my feet mostly planted, my butt sitting on my computer chair and a mounting fear of taking the first step.

Thankfully, a new season, a shining sun, and the kiss of the ocean’s tide in earshot were enough to bring me out for that first run.

I truly believe that God puts footprints inside all of our hearts.

Some come in the form of an art palette or a yoga mat, the stroke of a guitar, maybe a mountainous hike, or bearing witness to the bow of a boat cutting through glassy water at dawn.

You know what yours is. Mostly because you know how emotionally, creatively, and spiritually stifled you feel when you’re like not moving in your God-print.

I, personally, don’t know any better way to connect to the fire in my spirit. Even when that fire has become less than a spark sitting in damp ashes.

It’s not a performance, hardly a prescription and far from perfection.

It’s a reckoning. A dull roar – until it picks up fervor.

And then suddenly, you’re running once again, never even feeling a plant of the foot.

Because a God-print carries you. It makes you feel alive.

It pulls you in and lifts you up when there hasn’t been much life in you.

I’ve always been amazed at the impact the different facets of mind, body, heart, and soul have on our ultimate happiness.

No, not just happinesswholeness.

It’s hard to feel complete when we’re lacking in one of those areas, without believing the lie that we must have, do, and be it all.

When simply, we’re meant to give Him our all. He connects the dots – the dark places that have seen little light, the jagged edges that feel stiff rather than spiritual, and the endless chatter of the mind that attempts to overturn truth. He demands a surrendered heart in the doing.

I set out in 2018 to complete “Monthly Blog Challenges” – to spend less, to wake up super early and experience “miracle mornings”, to get into crazy good shape, and all. the. things. As life would have it, 2018 has shaped up a little bit differently so far.

And yet, I wouldn’t change a single one of the turn of events – a new job, a big thing we’ll be announcing later this month, trips here and there. Plus, keeping kvh. creative afloat amidst working full-time, binge-watching This Is Us when I can catch a break between dishes & laundry, sleeping in ’til the last second with my husband, and everything else in between.

…In between unfinished sentences. 

Because this is a story I’m still writing. So whether the blog challenges were completed perfectly or not; the goals, the drive, the God-prints still exist.

And the truest ones will come to pass in His timing. Not mine.

A lesson I’ll learn over and over again.





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  1. Hiltz
    April 7, 2018 / 10:25 am

    You are an inspiration! Love your thoughts and how well you express them in writing!

    • April 7, 2018 / 11:55 am

      Aw thank you! Love you.

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