Healthful Vibes No. 2 – [Jacki Carr, Rock Your Bliss]

Healthful Vibes No. 2 – [Jacki Carr, Rock Your Bliss]

Healthful Vibes

adjective health·ful \ˈhelth-fəl\ noun \ˈvībz\

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Jacki Carr, Goal-Coach & Co-founder, Rock Your Bliss


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I first discovered the inspiring & impressive Jacki Carr through my time and employment with lululemon athletica. At the time, Jacki held an incredibly unique role within the company centered around all things goal-setting – (which is the heartthrob of the company). Today, Jacki is the visionary behind her own goal-coaching business and the co-founder of a goals + yoga movement known as Rock Your Bliss. She is full of passion, encouragement, and constantly strives to live her life “above the line.” Learn more about this completely lovable entrepreneur, wife, & mother, below.

What makes you “tick” [i.e what makes you feel alive, what makes you feel at your best self, when are you totally present, engaged, and whole]?.

Honestly, I love public speaking! There is a whole new energy I feel when sharing my goals work on a microphone with an audience! And karaoke, too.

What is your personal ‘why’ and when did you discover it?

My personal why is to create a space (wherever I go, be it leading work, crafting a book club or hosting a dinner party) that we all know we belong and have unique and beautiful gifts to offer.

Don’t overthink this one – What are your top three core values? Ready, go.




How do you know when you’re off or out of balance?

When I feel out of alignment or tuned into a static-y life channel, I can feel it in my body. My teacher says ‘the issue is in the tissue’. My body triggers are: heavy in my shoulders, shallow in my mind and having a negative tone, as well.

What’s the first thing you do to correct it?

Breathe deeply, go for a run or speak it out loud.

What was your biggest learning (after leaving lululemon) and starting-up your own goal-coaching business and then co-founding Rock Your Bliss?

My biggest learning, hard to choose as there have been about 8 million, is you are never done evolving so keep the communication alive. I am always shifting and changing, we all are. In this space, it allows me not to be so tight on the grip of life and also really open to sharing what I am moving through with my friends and family, and especially with my business partner, Mary Beth LaRue.

Be it through a phone call, a written blog or an in person conversation, I have learned there really is no such thing as over communication.”

What’s been your favorite part of the journey?

I really feel so much joy in connecting with people who are actively seeking to better themselves, in any realm of their life. Be it 1:1 coaching with me or on a Rock Your Bliss retreat, I love following along as people imprint on my life and I get to see them go get their goals alive. One of my clients is a new coach and just left her corporate gig to go the entrepreneurial route, another one is pregnant with twins and living her vision of being a Mama, and another one is about to press publish on her own website to share her writing. I am proud that I have created my life that is very much living the work of vision, goals and bliss, as well as offering those same tools in an honest and vulnerable way.

What are three foods or healthful habits that are part of your daily routine (and motherhood!)?

  • I wake up every morning to a full glass of water and then a delicious cup of butter coffee.
  • I have a very new meditation practice that feels so good right now. I use an app called CALM that I really enjoy, it has nature sounds in the background.
  • And finally, I dance with my daughter every single day. We have a record player and around her morning nap is our dancing session for her to fall asleep. It is so good for my heart.

What is your favorite way to move?

It is truly a tie. I love to run and I love me a sweet yin yoga class. Polar opposites, all breathing!

What is one of your personal mantras?

I belong. You belong.”  (Repeat.)

What else would you want us to know about your coaching services &/or Rock Your Bliss?

I truly am so in love with these offerings. My own coaching services are rooted in my igolu ( certification. It’s a communication series focused on personal power, wholeness, and your vision + goals.  Definitely check it out!

And for the book nerds out there, I would love to have you join my online book club, Novel Grapes. I just hosted my first Novel Grapes Book Club Retreat in Grand Lake this past month, it was magic with books, wine, hammocks, hiking and s’mores!

My co-founded business, Rock Your Bliss is such an incredible collaboration with my partner in all things bliss, Mary Beth LaRue. We are a yoga-inspired coaching movement offering online programs, workshop and retreats all about crafting your bliss and living a life of your own design. We have a 7-Week program we crafted that will be launching again in the Spring called 7 Weeks to Bliss and an upcoming retreat to Ojai, California in early 2017 – [details coming soon].


One goal or thing you’re most excited about for the rest of 2016:  

The rest of 2016, wow, it has been a roller coaster of a year, I will tell you what!  Shout-out to the Mamas out there, this gig is some real life lessons! So, a goal I am excited about is the launch of our Rock Your Bliss: Ojai Retreat (to launch in October!). We did not have a bliss retreat this year and I am so excited to see how I continue show up in my new life role as a Mama AND entrepreneur.

Didn’t I tell you she was awesome? I can’t wait to watch as Jacki continues to evolve her business(es), leading and loving fearlessly, while inspiring us all in the process.

Thank you for your time, Jacki! 

x Kaitlyn



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