Healthful Vibes No.3 [Tyla Howard, Smile Seeker Movement]

Healthful Vibes No.3 [Tyla Howard, Smile Seeker Movement]


adjective health·ful \ˈhelth-fəl\ noun \ˈvībz\

a series of monthly lifestyle interviews featuring young adult entrepreneurs, thought leaders, wellness enthusiasts, and all-around rad folks.


Tyla Howard, Founder, She the Roar

You know when you find those people that literally put a smile on your face? Their personality exudes through their writing and their heart shines through everything they create? Well, that is Tyla Howard and her She the Roar movement. This babe has the brains and the soul to move people and that’s exactly what she’s doing with the She the Roar. Born in Zimbabwe, and now living, working and studying in the beautiful Down Under, it’s been a pleasure connecting with Tyla. She is a natural-born encourager and I’m so excited to be sharing parts of her life with you below! 

What makes you “tick”? [i.e what makes you feel alive, what makes you feel at your best self, when are you totally present, engaged, & whole]

I feel I’m happiest and my best self when tapping into my passions. When I am painting random blobs or drawing random scribbles, creating graphics, writing my heart out for She the Roar, encouraging, equipping and empowering girls, speaking at youth events, and adventuring around the country-side. Side note: your passions are not a coincidence; they are your calling! Pursue them fiercely.

What is your personal ‘why’ and when did you discover it?

The ‘why’ behind all that I do is to honor and give glory to Jesus. Secondly, it’s to equip, empower and encourage others to become the best possible version of themselves and to help them recognize how important they actually are. My ‘why’ came together when I started fully pursuing Jesus.

Don’t overthink this one – What are your top three core values? Ready, go.

  1. Sincerity – be real, and be you. God can’t bless the fake mask that we wear, He can only bless the real us!
  2. Women Empowerment – we are made to be first class women, who are wonderfully made. And we can’t do that if we are too busy running around being second-rate men.
  3. Passion – there’s nothing more exciting than seeing someone who is fully alive and tapping into their purpose with passion.

How do you know when you’re off or out of balance?

I know when I’m out of balance when my room is a mess! When I literally cannot see my floor and I have to make pathways through my piles of clothes and books. It’s a sorry sight – haha!

What’s the first thing you do to correct it?

When my room is a mess it usually means that my life is going full steam ahead with no stops. So, I try and slow things down a bit. I do this by saying no to things that aren’t of high priority, which gives me room to re-align myself.

What’s been your biggest learning as an ‘entrepreneur’, upon starting-up Smile Seeker Movement and now She the Roar (on top of school, church, family, work, etc.)?

Oh my goodness, there are SO many! But I’ve really learned to crack down on my mind games. I’ve learned that comparing yourself to another person is self-sabotage. Just because someone else may be doing incredible things, doesn’t mean you’re not – someone else’s success doesn’t mean it’s your failure.

“I’ve learned that some days you just have to be your own personal cheerleader to spur yourself on to keep going. You can’t stand firm on the shaky ground of other’s praise.”

Remaining confident in your ideas, dreams, and innovations are so important!


What’s been your favorite part of the journey?

My most favorite part of the journey would probably be hearing the amazing testimonies from She the Roar’s readers. It has been absolutely mind blowing! Some have sent emails saying their daughters have overcome their depression after reading the practical tips given in the blog posts. Wives have also said that She the Roar has given them hope to press on as their husbands are fighting cancer. Some have said that they read the blog every morning before they get out of bed, to receive their dose of inspiration. It really is such a humbling moment to hear such incredible stories from something I created.

What are three foods or healthful habits that are part of your daily routine?

  1. Smoooooothies! They’re so great.
  2. Sleeeep!
  3. Morning exercise sets up my day right.

What is your favorite way to move?

I love swimming! It’s so refreshing, but boy it’s a workout!

What is one of your favorite personal mantras/quotes/verses?

The whole earth shouts and eagerly awaits for the people to realize who they truly are. They are royalty. [Romans 8:19]

This gets me every damn time! Not only is Jesus, but the whole flipping Earth is literally cheering all of us on – “you are better than this, keep going”, “you are royalty”, “you’re a daughter of the King”. It’s so beautiful and it always gives me an awesome image of planet Earth growing arms doing fist pumps for us!


One goal or thing you’re most excited about for the rest of 2016:  

Besides Christmas carols, I am super pumped for the awesome surprises for She the Roar to unfold! Stay tuned 😉

Isn’t she great? Thanks again, Tyla! Much love to you & keep smiling. 🙂

x Kaitlyn






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