Healthful Vibes No. 1 – [Adriana Botti, Little Words Project]

Healthful Vibes No. 1 – [Adriana Botti, Little Words Project]

Guys! I am SO excited to be bringing this new feature to you all. It might be my favorite one yet.



adjective health·ful \ˈhelth-fəl\ noun \ˈvībz\

a series of monthly lifestyle interviews featuring young adult entrepreneurs, thought leaders, wellness enthusiasts, and all-around rad folks.

Basically, expect to browse the healthful ‘vibes of healthy people😜  The real goal? Building and discovering a wholesome collective, that individually benefits, uplifts, fuels, & inspires.


No. 1 with Adriana Botti, Founder, Little Words Project

LWP creates shareable, trackable bracelets made out of fine-cut Swarovski® crystals and interwoven with a unique, inspirational word; uniting girls of all ages, and inspiring kindness between each of them.

I had the chance to e-chat back and forth with Adriana for this month’s Word of the Month giveaway (coming soon!), and she was nothing but a light. I loved briefly getting to know her and hearing her passion-infused advices, below.

pineapples floating in pool

What makes you “tick” {i.e what makes you feel alive, what makes you feel at your best self, when are you totally present, engaged, and whole}?

Getting sh*t done! Can I say that? I really feel my happiest when I can cross off items on my to do list, and see the fruit of my hard work. When I get a new product launched on my website, or land a new wholesale account, I really feel like all the man hours I’ve been putting into this company since day one is paying off. There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive and excited than that feeling of momentum.

Don’t overthink this one – What are your top three core values? Ready, go.

Hard Work, Family, Passion.

How do you know when you’re off or out of balance?

When I start to feel myself breaking down at the littlest things. If something as simple as a broken label printer can bring me to tears, I know it’s time to regroup.

What’s the first thing you do to correct it?

I take a few deep breaths and calm myself down. I try to always remind myself of how much I have achieved- it makes whatever task that lies before me feel like something I can overcome. Plus if you don’t celebrate your own accomplishments here and there, who will? It also helps to take the following weekend to completely check out of work. I try and enjoy some “me time” and reset my scale.

What was your biggest learning when starting-up Little Words Project?

How difficult it is to run a business no matter the size. I constantly feel like I am 5 steps behind. Every day I come in to work, I feel like I’m working on what should have been yesterday’s task. As a perfectionist by nature, I had a really tough time understanding that this is just the name of the game when you start your own gig. Whether your company is large or small, you’ll always feel a little behind the 8 ball and that’s okay. As long as you do your personal best every single day, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

What’s been your favorite part of it all?

Learning. Since day one, I have had to wear hundreds of hats. This has left me feeling both overwhelmed and extremely excited at the same time. There is nothing like the feeling of learning something new and actually becoming good at whatever that may be. It makes the future exciting, because there is really no telling what else I’ll be exposed to. That has truly been the best part- the not knowing of it all.

What else would you want us to know about the Little Words Project?

Little Words are more than just cute accessories. Their meaning is what makes them so special. Each word is meant to be worn for as long as you need it, and then passed on one day to someone who needs it more than you do. But the BEST part is that the bracelets can be tracked as they move from wrist to wrist using the unique number inscribed on your tag. Each number can be registered on our website which allows you to see how your single act of kindness can and has helped as it travels person to person.

We’re not just your average jewelry company, we’re a sisterhood that is here to support each and every one of our Little Words girls through positive words and shareable kindness.

What are three foods or healthful habits that are part of your daily routine?

Well, being as busy as I am, I struggle to eat as well as I should. I do my best to start each day off with a well balanced meal but often a grab-and-go snack suffices. One thing I do all day every day, however, is drink tons of water.

What is your favorite way to move?

Dancing of course! My team and I have been known to break into random dance sessions while packing up orders. There’s nothing like a little Spotify “Songs You Sing In the Shower” to get you moving at LWP.

What is one of your personal mantras?

Querer es Poder. It’s Spanish for, “If you want it, you can achieve it.” My mother used to say this to me every day before I left the house as I was growing up.

I am a true believer that if you want something badly enough, and if you’re willing to work for it hard enough, it can be yours.

One goal or thing you’re most excited about for the rest of 2016:

Continuing to expand our retail community! We love bringing new stores to our family and believe that will help us expand our reach to women nationwide. As always, my goal has been to see these bracelets on the arms of women everywhere. In my best case scenario, every woman would have at least one, and “swapping Little Words” would become as commonplace as exchanging a warm hug or a kind smile with anyone you meet who could use it.



I could totally relate to Adriana’s love of getting -ish done (or #GSD as I like to call it 😏), being a perfectionist, having a love of learning, and an unwavering belief in what’s possible. Follow Adriana &/or LWP on Instagram, and stay tuned for this month’s giveaway.

Thanks again, Adriana! Much love and best wishes to you! 

x Kaitlyn




Image Source(s): LWP Instagram, LWP Website


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