Moving the Mountain(s) in Your Midst

Moving the Mountain(s) in Your Midst

This week I heard a sermon by Pastor Chris Hodges [from Church of the Highlands] on the Prophet & book of Isaiah. It really spoke to me (per usual)–but especially when He shared this thought:

“Our greatest pain will serve as a catalyst for our greatest gain. When you’re hurting, don’t run from God, run to him. Even if your pain is self-induced. In your darkest times, you have to keep turning on all the lights.”

Coming into the light allows us to start seeing God for who he truly is, so we can start to see ourselves for who we really are, in Him. Those bright, shining moments are when God does his greatest work.

We have to take off the shades of yesterday by letting him renew and change the way we see even ourselves. How do we do this?

We can start by asking Him: “Show me what else you want to change in me, so you can do a work through me.”

God freely gives grace for our past so He can redeem our future. Our role is willingness + obedience [Chris Hodges].

Yes, the ‘o‘ word. [Eye rolls]. 🙄   Regarding obedience, for that matter…

It’s almost comical how culture wants us to believe that being spiritual is “straight-edge. And who wants to be that, right? 

We all desire the affirmation of our swagger, the double-tap of approval, and the label of relevancy. We’re digital natives. Millennials. Rebels with a cause…’cause we finally decided that’s cooler than being without one. We do what we want. Just to prove we can. We so desperately want to be in-the-know, that we forget who’s in control.

Let me tell you something. My own personal faith walk has been anything but flat. It’s been full of twists and turns and at times more lows than highs. If anything, it’s felt way edgier than smooth.

Having faith and being a Christian is far from boring. Grace is the most scandalous thing there is. Trust is the greatest adrenaline rush. Praising him elicits the highest high. Seeking him is the greatest wonder. Holding your impulses feels like an absolute rebellion to the very core of your human nature.

Despite what society tells us, faith is anything but private, for it was always meant to be public [Chris Hodges]. It demands to be shared.

And most importantly, it should be witnessed not just by our lips but by our lives.

Eeeeh, it almost pains me to write that. Ok, honestly, it does pain me. I cringe as I think of the times I’ve demonstrated the exact opposite of that principle. I think of past situations where I’ve contradicted and compromised that very essence. Time and time again. Cringe. Cringe. Cringe.

The other part about being a Christian though? I think it‘s learning to get out of your own way.

Because the more I play victim to my past failures & shortcomings, the more I prevent Him from redeeming my future. Let’s be real, it would be way safer, far more comfortable, and far less open for criticism if I kept my mouth shut and took a back seat. If I said, “Welp, you blew it, Kait. Better luck never.”

But there’s not enough growth and accountability happening there, and there’s certainly no room for God’s glory.

Here’s another thought to consider. Maybe, just maybe:

“You’ve been assigned the mountain in your midst to show others it can be moved.” [Unknown]

If for no other reason than because when you start moving mountains in your world, people take notice.

But when you give God all the glory? You boldly give other people the power to start moving their mountains, too.

What happens when we have a bunch of people moving their mountains? We’ll literally be lifting hearts, shaking up communities, elevating cities, and transforming nations.

All because you + I leaned in and said, “This won’t stand in my way. The power of our God (the Creator of the universe) is in me.” 

We don’t have to complicate it so much that we make getting up on a Monday harder than it already is. You don’t have to create an organization, quit your job to travel the world & find yourself, or create a 5-star app.

Just try calling the person you’ve put off calling. Encourage the coworker you’re competing with. Own up when you fall short. Forgive. Speak the truth even when it hurts. Get good with the good in your grasp. 

^^^ THOSE are mountains, y’all.

It’s these small actions, when done collectively, that shake the world in a big way.

God certainly didn’t promise it’d always be comfortable, or easy, or natural. He did promise it’d be worth it. He gave full assurance that you are more than a conqueror [Romans 8:18-31, NIV]… even on the days you don’t feel like it.

As you may of been told, your “playing small doesn’t serve the world” [Marianne Williamson]and it certainly doesn’t move mountains. 

But when you’re willing to stand humbly in the presence of something greater, you‘re released from the captivity of your shame & smallness. With that kind of freedom on your side, you’ll move more mountains than yesterday and touch more lives than ever before.

We will be tested, yes. And we won’t always pass with flying colors. In fact, we’ll probably fail more than we fly. But we will never have to quit writing a new story.

We won’t ever escape the blame-game through the eyes of the world, but by His grace, we can become blameless in His sight. Which lens are you wearing today?

He can use us all–how, when, where, and as we are.

You should also know this:

“God loves you as you are, but too much to let you stay that way. And there is nothing God has for you that you wouldn’t enjoy with all your heart.” [Chris Hodges]

Say it with me now: “I have been assigned this mountain to show it can be moved.”

x Kaitlyn


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  1. April 20, 2016 / 1:40 pm

    dear lord in heaven! speaking straight to my soul this morning! so much goodness in this post “i can’t even” – A M A Z I N G

  2. April 21, 2016 / 3:01 pm

    wow, thanks, CP! you da, you da best. 🙂

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