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This month’s book choice is [drum roll please]…

Wellth (How I Learned to Build A Life, Not a Resume).

The Logistics

Book: Wellth

Author: Jason Wachob

Where to Order:

Category: mind, body

Why this book?

Wellth first caught my eye in a blog post from Chalkboard Mag, titled, “10 Life Lessons: How to Have a Life and Not Just a Resume”. The post was compiled straight from Wachob’s book, who advocates for the mind + body connection. He is also the CEO and Founder of Wachob provides the disclaimer that he’s “not a doctor or healer… athlete or celebrity…life coach or therapist…” (pg. 4). However, through his work at mindbodygreen, he’s had a plethora of opportunities to meet, interview, work with, and form friendships with some of the most insightful health and wellness experts in the world.

How does that relate to us?

Well, I already know you’re a dreamer, seeker, and creative goal-getter; which also tells me you’re no stranger to the hustle. I also know that too much hustle leads to burnout, and although it does happen (because you’re HUMAN), it’s important to catch it before you hit rock bottom, or at least know how to pick yourself back up and keep moving forward.

While reading Wachob’s personal experiences, I hope we will be able to think about the state of our own wellth, while learning fresh tips & tricks for prioritizing health & inner happiness; over the pressure of wealth & outward achievement.

After all, our happiness is the most expensive thing we own, and one of the only things that’s truly in our control.


  • Wellth is a secular book, that doesn’t point to any religious orientation. The author does, however, talk a lot about yoga and spirituality. Personally, as a Christian, I read all of this through a biblical filter, take it with a grain of salt, and apply my own beliefs and core values to it. More on this in our discussions – because it’s a big deal!
  • Wachob advocates against a one-size-fits-all approach, giving it a much broader appeal (which I do appreciate, ‘cause hey – you are u n i q u e.)
  • It’s a well-reviewed, easy-read for the kick-off. It’s also one that should get us all thinking about the mind + body (+ heart + soul) connection. Each month we can vary the categories, or continue on with whatever the group feels most connected to.

You in?


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