The Rebrand & Relaunch: What’s New & Why

The Rebrand & Relaunch: What’s New & Why

I feel like it’s been some time since I’ve written on here, and in some ways it has! I’ve been more likely to use Instagram as a mini-blogging platform than this blog at times.

Partly because since originally launching this site last summer, and then also using it for business purposes as early as last fall, it didn’t stay strictly as a blogging platform for long. I started to really miss that about it.

Suddenly I felt as if I could only blog about marketing & communications-related concepts, and that was cool – I guess, but then my heart would crave the kind of free-form writing outlet it once served as.

So with a bit of prayer, frequent journaling + brainstorming, a lot of work, and a ton of clicks, it’s back to a personal blog! My business – kvh. creative – now has its own all new, online HQ! It’s now a place where I can feel total creative direction in growing it and serving my clients to the best of my ability.

As I also explain in my launch blog post over there, three of the biggest goals I had for this site separation project were:




Each of those words are speaking strongly to me right now in a lot of different ways. I think they’ve been New Year’s resolutions in the past but they’re resonating with me now more than ever. (You’ll hopefully notice those attributes in the design and branding of both sites, too!)

Here’s a little graphic design look at what went into creating this revised site:

The Newly Revised Brand Behind

You know the brand strategist in me had to share! 🙂 

Also, a shout-out to China Frost of Olive Paper Co. for the beautiful logo design work! It was such a seamless and simple process working with her – which was exactly the energy I wanted going into this relaunch.

I feel a new enthusiasm to be able to share with you all what’s on my heart and going on in my life – from faith to style, to home + travel, to wellness, to personal development. (As you can see, those are also the new blog categories!)

In the past, I’ve had a way of boxing myself in. I’d think things like – Ok, I’m a faith blogger. But wait, I also love wellness! Ahhh, but what about business!? Oh, and home decor! The list goes on.

Today, I’m throwing the rule book out the window and embracing my multi-passionate nature now more than ever. With that, I’m allowing myself the freedom and joy of doing things simply for the enjoyment of them and not necessarily the ‘success’ of them.

Appropriately, my reigning mantra has become stillness over striving.

The hubby and I are in a precious season of our lives – newlyweds settling into an apartment together (affectionately dubbed the #parkernest), working on multiple jobs, projects, and passions; while trying to balance all life’s other important matters like family time, church & community, fitness & wellness, and that sweet stuff called white space. The stuff I’m always so good about leaving on the calendar. [Sigh, eye roll.]

I’m learning to chase slow, but not in the way that chasing slow becomes the new hustling. Put best in the words of the author, Erin Loechner:

“We can chase more, in the fast lane. We can chase slow. (It’s still a chase.) Or, we can throw the metrics to the wind. We can pitch the scale, the ruler, the yardstick …and just surrender”

So this is me. Pitching. Pitching it all. Learning to sit contentedly, right where I’m at. Giving all the Glory to God, all the time.

I re-invite you along this journey with me of pursuing what’s meaningful over beautiful, discovering wholeness, and diving into more grace than you ever could have bargained for.

What do you say?

x Kaitlyn

P.S. I have a really good feeling about you, Year 28. Time for birthday festivites!




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