Then & Now: My Story From Novice Blogger to Self-Hosted

Then & Now: My Story From Novice Blogger to Self-Hosted

Hi & Welcome to the Newly Upgraded!

Oh man, ya’ll. This has honestly been such a long time coming. My first blog started the summer going into my sophomore year of undergrad. I honestly don’t even remember what it was called & I definitely didn’t know what I was doing. Think LiveJournal meets MySpace – but worse. It was awful. Imagine all the ugly food pictures, random snaps of my Garmin watch showing a latest run, images jacked straight from Google and really sporadic posts. Total amateur.

Then there was the second blog – I do remember that name, but I refuse to share. It was hilarious. Moving on…

Then there was simply complicated. I’ll at least consider that some hefty progress in the right direction. Heck, I finally started acknowledging the fact that, “Um, yes, I have a blog.” [Cringe, eye squint]. Trust me, blogging didn’t exactly used to be as ‘cool’ as it is today.

Simply complicated certainly described my personality, but it didn’t inspire me in the direction of where I wanted to go (nor is it a characteristic I’d exactly recommend. Haaa.). Then I made the initial switch from simply complicated to my just my full name (, but I was still utilizing free templates on Don’t get me wrong, those are great for starting out, but they can really only take you so far. In retrospect, I can’t believe I waited so long, but hindsight is 20/20, and  I never really felt like it was ‘the right time’.

In weighing the investment of a self-hosted site with In Motion Hosting, my goals were:

Cleaner. More professional. Consistent content. Creative. Community-driven. Low budget. Mobile-friendly. Equipped for freelance & a growing personal biz.

I really wasn’t sure that I’d be able to pull it all off on my own, but after a quick glance at my post-grad school fund$, I thought…“Uhmm…I CAN DO THIS.” I did a lot of research and then just rolled my sleeves up. I started implementing what I learned during my degree program and from my job, and was blessed to receive a lot of great input and inspiration from incredible designers like Jenn of Isn’t She Lovely Creative Co.Claire of Wildflowers & Pixels, and the very talented minds over at Station Seven.

A week or so of some serious side-hustling later, here it is! I know this won’t be the last “re-brand” or the forever design, but I’m really excited about where it is now. I’m far from an expert and it’s definitely been a process over the years, but it’s all about growth and it always will be. Without a hint of cliché, the best is yet to come. 

All that to say…

To my fellow dreamers, seekers, & creative goal-getters –  I hope you’ll consider this your e-home where we can all gather and never feel alone on the journey. Join me in discovering what it means to be whole, in mind, body, heart, & soul.

*If you’re in need of some a website/media/communications refresh yourself, I’ll also be offering a range of freelance services, so be sure to get in touch or check out the shop page. More products & services are coming, soon! 

I’d be honored if you’d sign-up here, below, or to the right for all the updates – and seriously, THANK YOU. What would a website be without the amazing people like you that get on board? Lastly, I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Your feedback is always welcome around here! Much love.

x Kaitlyn


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