Unsabotaging Dreams: Through [Kingdom] Business

What I love about branding and business the most is how it enables us to maximize, unpack, and develop our God-given gifts. We get to put the spirit of creation that lives within all of us to work.

In the Bible, it talks about how we are made to be workers. Because as we work, we discover our purpose, activate our faith, and become catalysts for a sustainable future. We’re then able to multiply our efforts; becoming a blessing to others on earth & building the kingdom in the process.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Whoa, whoathe bible? business? Wait a second.

I get it – the two are usually seen as polar opposite as our current political system. But an integrated life is a fulfilling life and kingdom business belongs at the head of the table.


I am serious about helping soulful brands and passionate business owners achieve their brand/biz goals through communication systems & strategies. With that, I also won’t shy away from real truth and encouragement, applying biblical principles and sharing my faith in the process. I can’t because it’s who I am as a daughter, as a sister, and as a newfound business owner. It is my worldview & the why behind what I do [Simon Sinek].

With that, I will always respect my clients, their beliefs, and brand culture. I will also maintain discernment in the projects I’m willing to take on, ensuring the work I do never compromises my core values. I am far from perfect and I am truly a pilgrim on this journey alongside you. I offer the complimentary 30-minute Connect Call as a great way to determine mutual fit, and for me to cheer on prospective clients no matter what!

What I also know is this: the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy, constantly telling us we are unworthy and unqualified when, in fact, we are unstoppable and undeniably commissioned. For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love & a sound mind. [2 Timothy 1:7]

He’s impregnated us with the desires of our heart and desperately wants us to walk them out with Him. If he’s truly this great big God that’s all around us, and in everything, why wouldn’t we believe he belongs with us at work, too?

We cannot be ashamed of our strengths, ambition, and aptitude for success. We are not running an independent race, but an interdependent one [Christine Caine]. He’s in everything. He is the author of innovation and our bridge between faith & reason; work & ‘ministry’.

Because as God speaks and breathes life into things, He does so in a way that’s so much larger than ourselves. His plans are bigger than our cushy buildings, they live outside our crafty business proposals, and they can’t be contained within the neat & tidy organizations we try to fit Him into.

Every time we attempt to do so, we make Him out to be so much smaller than who He is, and He is The Great I AM. He exists in more spaces and more ways than we ever give him credit. We simply cannot contain a limitless God.

So if you’ve been feeling like so much of your career life has to be this or that, allow me to encourage you — the way you integrate, overlap, and allow God to connect the dots in the unique call on your life, the more alive and on a mission you will feel.

In a pure pursuit of God, only you can discover the expression of His love you will carry out and the sacrifices it will require.

You’re allowed to be multi-passionate [Marie Forleo], you can want to share the love of the gospel, and you can find ways to create value and earn a living in the process.

A limited, scarcity mindset doesn’t bless lives. Whereas, a limitless, abundance mindset has no end—just like His kingdom.

Praise the Lord He’s called each of us to something both slightly and vastly different and yet still, He loves us uniquely – and without rival [Lisa Bevere].

So trust that still, persistent whisper that’s nudging you to take that next step, and don’t worry so much about where you ‘might’ end up. Fear is a liar. Faith is real. May we be humble and bold enough to place our whole lives into our faith, and not just our faith into a part of our lives.

Agree/disagree? What do you think about the integration of faith and business? What grounds your dreams and is a core value of your brand?


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