When You’ve Forgotten the Lyrics

When You’ve Forgotten the Lyrics

Whenever Connor and I take a road trip, he usually drives and is in charge of DJ-ing. I’m a shotty co-pilot with lackluster navigation skills, and pretty tough on the ears when I decide to try and carry a tune.

We constantly joke that my pop culture knowledge is (cough) *limited* to say the least. Regardless of what song he chooses, if I even know 5 of the lyrics, I attempt to sing them. Followed by more laughs from him, because I sing them wrong 90% of the time.

Let’s be real, the best feeling is when you can ride windows down, on a warm sunny day, blasting one of your favorite songs, where you know every word by heart.

It might be why I listen to the same albums over and over and over again.

I don’t second-guess myself and the words just flow so freely; lifting my mood and confidence in the process. The lyrics have a way of bringing expression to whatever I’m feeling without trying to articulate anything.

…But what happens when we’ve (metaphorically speaking) forgotten the lyrics? When we find ourselves stumbling, tripping, and looking to the right and to the left for confirmation and validation?

I’d argue we do that with a lot more than song lyrics and usually, we start to feel caught in the back seat, watching whatever’s happening up front, wishing we were in someone else’s position.

What happens when we stop singing along because our Creator has inspired us to do so, and instead, start doing it for feedback and affirmation?

In fact, we don’t just stop singing, we stop ever even playing the song that carries our voice.

It’s as silencing as it deafening.

Things become jumbled in our minds, we hear a constant, muffled track of lies, and we struggle to overtake them with real, life-directing truth.

Trust me, you don’t remember the lyrics by sitting silently in the back seat. You play the song again, lift your voice, and put your faith in action amidst circumstances that don’t have an outcome yet.

I once heard Bob Goff say, you don’t need permission. Your life is your permission. See a need, meet a need. Decide to fail trying, instead of fail watching.

So sing the lyrics even when you don’t know them…yet. Then keep singing. Sometimes it’s the only way to learn what you don’t know.

After all, the only time you will grow is when you step into spaces that are uncertain.

And when you’re singing to your tune, people hear it dead on.

As my girl Arika always says, “Belief has a sound.”

What I also know is this: God will use everything you go through to grow you. He will uphold you and turn your song into a victory for His glory.

Breathe in and boldly praise the One who won this life even if just for you.


21 Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” [Isaiah 30:21, NIV]


x, Kaitlyn


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